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Increasingly shorter development cycles and the growing variety of technical possibilities offer great opportunities for corporate success. At the same time, such developments make it increasingly difficult for companies to make the right decisions. For example, the opportunities and risks of new technologies have to be assessed with regard to certain target variables and corresponding recommendations for action must be derived against the background of current and future framework conditions.


Are you looking for new technologies or do you wish to introduce a new technology or optimise existing processes?


We prepare feasibility and risk analyses, examine technology alternatives and develop roadmaps for implementation. We organise expert workshops or moderate your own events, including the concept development and respective documentation.

We offer consulting services to assist with the industrial transformation towards sustainability and greenhouse gas neutrality and the implementation of new technologies. Our analyses can be applied for companies and chemical parks and sites.  


We advise you on the following topics, among others:

  1. Provision of electricity and heat via renewable energy sources
  2. Use of electricity-based process technologies
  3. Hydrogen production and use
  4. Power-to-X technologies for chemical products, synthetic fuels and raw materials
  5. CO2-Capture and material use of CO2
  6. Energy and material use of biomass and residues
  1. Biotechnological processes
  2. Recycling of organic and inorganic raw materials
  3. Chemical recycling
  4. Integrated water management and use of concentrates
  5. Product generation costs and investment costs for technologies and production routes
  6. Scenarios and roadmapping for industrial transformation

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