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Growing resource scarcity, global climate change and the associated changes in natural ecosystems require sustainable solutions, posing a challenge to society and thus also to companies. Through its European Green Deal, the European Commission has drawn up an action plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and to transition the EU into a sustainable economy.


The goal of sustainability therefore plays an essential role for chemical and biotechnology companies – assessing environmental impacts to develop and optimise sustainable processes and products is crucial.



You wish to assess the sustainability of your products or processes?


As a long-standing and experienced partner of companies in the process industry, we advise and support you in conducting environmental assessments for your process and product development. We also offer customised analyses depending on the customer objective. In addition to ecological hotspot analyses and fully comprehensive comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, our services also include providing support with LCA research and advising on the analysis of individual ecological aspects.


Our offer

LCA-Guidance and -Counselling


LCA Literature Research

Review & Gap Analyses

Quick Hotspot LCA/CO2 Footprint Calculation

Customised Hotspot Analyses


Hotspot Scenario Analyses

CO2 Footprint Calculation

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


Comparative LCA
Product benchmarking
Assessment of Ecological Scarcity
Process/industry-wide environmental assessment


Why should you assess the sustainability of your products or your processes?


Identify hotspots of environmental impact

  1. Optimise products and processes by taking environmental aspects into account
  2. Strategic management

Compare products and benchmark with competitors

  1. Use results for marketing and strategic planning and to optimise supply chain management and product development


Understand product environmental performance

  1. Use results for environmental reporting, marketing and B2B communication
  2. Use for environmental product declarations

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